The Pullman, a new 14-story, 142-unit apartment project in Union Station, is all coming together as we are now able to get an idea of what the completed building will look like.

The facade of the apartment tower will feature two shades of brick, beige and black, along with a glass curtain wall on the upper floors. This is a very meticulous process but will yield great results once complete. Below are two photos of The Pullman showing the more completed southwest side.

The Pullman - 19th & Wewatta
The Pullman from CRT Station

Facade work is underway for the northeast and central portion of the building. The central section, currently wrapped by scaffolding, will feature the darker brick. In a separate observation, the brickwork between The Pullman and Alara Union Station is somewhat similar.

The Pullman - 20th & Wewatta
The Pullman and Alara

The Pullman should be complete later this year which is when we will stop by one last time for a visit.