A new 14-story hotel is eradicating a desolate surface parking lot in Central Downtown where the density is at its thickest. Some of you may have noticed that a red tower crane was getting erected at the corner of 18th and Champa without much too detail out there about the actual project.

Thanks to the public records filed with the city, we were able to gather enough information online to be able to formally announce this project on DenverInfill. A new Hyatt Centric, located at 1776 Champa Street, will provide Central Downtown Denver with 263 new hotel rooms contained in a 14-story building. To better orient you, below is a map with the project site outlined.

Hyatt Centric Map

The site was busy with activity this weekend as a new red tower crane was getting erected. Here are a few photos of the project site and the tower crane. This will be a great infill project, on a fairly small parcel, to complete the block and corner.

Hyatt Centric Tower Crane
Hyatt Centric Project Site
Hyatt Centric Project Site
Hyatt Centric Project Site

Thanks to the construction permit filed with the City of Denver, we were able to obtain a preliminary color rending of the hotel. Over the next few weeks, I’m sure a higher quality rendering will be available. The architect on record is Johnson Nathan Strohe.

Hyatt Centric Rendering

It’s great to see another Central Downtown surface parking lot bite the dust!