Denver Museums Update #1

There are two museums being built in Denver’s Civic Center district: The History Colorado Center and the Clyfford Still Museum.

The History Colorado Center is located on 12th and Broadway. Here are some current photos of this project underway.

As you can see, they’ve engraved ‘History Colorado’ in the brick. This is the Broadway side of the museum.


Here’s the museum on the 12th Avenue side.


On the Lincoln side it looks like some finishing touches are being done.


Behind the History Colorado Center, a parking structure is being constructed as you can see here.


Three blocks away right behind the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum is making nice progress.

Clyfford Still

A lot of projects have taken off around the downtown area. Next we’ll take a look at 1099 Osage.

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  1. Jeffrey March 10, 2011 at 9:34 am

    Any idea why the Still is going so slow with the walls? I know there’s a fair amount of precision expected with the pour of these walls for the “right” texture, at the same is there too much precision expected? Compared with the Justice Center, this project seems like it is crawling for the size of the building.

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