Our last update of Shea Properties’ nine-story 999 17th Street office development was back in December when construction had just gotten started; although in February, Ryan did give us a quick look at the project’s red tower crane from a block away. Today, we’ve got a bunch of new photos showing that not only is the building’s steel skeleton about halfway up, but that we can also see evidence of the angled beams that will support the structure’s distinctive folded glass curtain wall on its 17th Street facade, which inspired the building’s new name: Prism. Adjacent to Prism is the recently completed first phase of the project, The Quincy, a 28-story apartment tower.

First up, we’ve got the view from across Curtis Street:

View of Prism from across Curtis Street, April 2018

From across the intersection at 17th and Curtis:

View of Prism from across 17th and Curtis intersection, April 2018
Angled beams that will support Prism's folded glass curtain wall

Along 17th Street, Prism’s sharp angled glass facade will sit next to the smooth rounded limestone corners and Moderne stylings of the 1938 Railway Exchange Building, now the Hotel Monaco:

Prism under construction next to the Moderne style of the Hotel Monaco

From across 17th Street:

Finally, looking toward Lower Downtown from 17th and Champa:

View from 17th and Champa of Prism under construction, April 2018
View from 17th and Champa of Prism under construction, April 2018

What an exciting addition to 17th Street! Prism is scheduled for completion by January 2019.