Since we last visited the Hilton Garden Inn at Denver Union Station, a lot of progress has been made. The 12-story building is almost topped out, and is starting to make a large impact on Chestnut Street.

Between 18th and 20th Street along Chestnut, there is a dramatic step down in height as there are three buildings five-stories and under, along with the last open parcel of land in the Union Station neighborhood. The Hilton Garden Inn more than doubles the height of its surroundings, adding a nice bookend to the northwest corner of the neighborhood.

Here are three more views of the project taken from 20th Street. There are no hints of the facade just yet however, interior work has begun on the historic Denver Hose Company No. 1 building.

As a refresher, the Hilton Garden Inn will contain 233 hotel rooms, and should be complete later this year. We will check back in on this project once the facade starts to go up.