In June when we last visited DHA’s new headquarters (officially, the Denver Housing Authority Collaborative Resource Center), the skeletal structure was rising into the sky. Since then, the 11-story building has topped out and glass and other facade materials are now being installed. Let’s take a look.

From Osage Street looking south, in both these images the neighboring buildings were developed by DHA as part of their successful Mariposa project:

View of the DHA headquarters building under construction looking south on Osage Street

DHA’s new building includes a baffling amount of parking given its location immediately adjacent to a transit station. In fact, according to the project’s site development plan on file with the city, there’s 78,500 square feet of space for vehicle parking, 75,685 square feet of space for offices, and 3,305 square feet of space for retail… a staggering 50% of this transit-adjacent building is dedicated to storing cars.

The site development plan also notes that, based on the project’s office and retail square footages, the required automobile parking per the zoning code is 99 spaces, plus there are an additional 12 parking spaces being added to make up for spaces that were lost from 1099 Osage (the property next door) to make way for this development, for a total of 111 required spaces. But the new DHA Collaborative Resource Center will have a whopping 178 automobile spaces, 67 more than mandated. On a more positive note, there will be 250 bicycle parking spots; only 10 are required.

Maybe there’s a good explanation for all of this extra automobile parking that I’m not aware of? If you know, please respond in the comments.

Anyway, here are two final views of the project taken from the 10th and Osage transit station:

DHA headquarters building viewed from the 10th & Osage transit station

Our next post will be a final update when this project opens in the spring.