Since our last update in July, Park 17 has made great progress. The eight-story, 190-unit apartment project has topped out and is now fully enclosed. This building sits nicely along Park Avenue West and 17th Avenue and, because of the triangular shape of the parcel, the building has a few unique corners and setbacks.

Let’s start the update with visiting the east side of the project. This side of the building features the flattest design, with minimal setbacks. When looking back at the renderings, the currently exposed parking structure will be covered upon completion.

Along 17th Avenue, Park 17 gets interesting with setbacks aplenty and a pleasant corner at Marion Street. The first five stories of the building, on the east and west ends, are built right up to the property line with the remaining four stories set back a few feet. In the middle, only the first level is built up to the street with the remaining seven stories set back.

Let’s wrap up with a few more views of Park 17 along Park Avenue West. Just like the east side of the building, the exposed parking garage will be covered upon completion of the project.

Even though work on the facade hasn’t started just yet, Park 17 only has a few more months to go as completion is anticipated for early to mid-2019.