RTD and its local and regional partners celebrated the West Corridor’s halfway point this morning in a ceremony at Paco Sanchez Park. Attached here is RTD’s Press Release regarding the event. Only about two and a half more years until we can ride the train all the way west to the Jefferson County Courthouse!

Some quick West Corridor construction facts to tide us over until the next construction update later this week:

  • RTD signed a Notice to Proceed (NTP) on Jun. 16, 2009, partnering with Denver Transit Construction Group (DTCG).
  • Crews have been at work along the corridor for nearly two and half years. Pre-construction activities (such as utility work) kicked off in April 2008.
  • Construction along the corridor is expected to be complete in January 2013 (a year ahead of the original schedule) with the corridor opening for revenue service in May 2013.
  • 15 bridges, flyovers, and tunnels are either complete or currently under construction with the three planned pedestrian bridges already complete.
  • Construction has begun on all 12 stations. Elevator shaft work has started at both the Wadsworth and Red Rocks Community College stations.
  • Current construction progress includes:
    • Right-of-Way (ROW) purchases are nearly 90% complete.
    • All light rail vehicles are ready for opening-day service.
    • Dry utility (power, cable, etc.) relocations are 78% complete.
    • Sound walls are 50% complete.
    • Drainage at the main drainage structures (mostly within Lakewood Gulch) is 75% complete.