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New River North Project: Ramble Hotel

A new independent hotel is coming to the corner of 25th and Larimer in Denver’s River North district.


Developed by Gravitas Development Group, the Ramble Hotel will feature 50 rooms in a three-story building designed by Johnson Nathan Strohe that recalls an early 20th century industrial style with intricate metal and brick detailing.


The ground floor lobby will have 20-foot ceilings and include a marquee cocktail bar, Death & Company Denver, which will also operate a reservations-only bar on the mezzanine level. Other hotel amenities include an intimate theater, an independent restaurant, a small retail outlet, flexible meeting space, and an outdoor courtyard. Right across 25th Street from the hotel is another Gravitas development, a mixed-use retail and office project made out of 29 reclaimed shipping containers.

Construction started about a week ago. Here are a couple of photos from today:



The Ramble Hotel should open in late 2017.

New Lower Downtown Project: 1750 15th Street

Denver-based Nichols Partnership is planning a 12-story residential building for the corner of 15th and Wewatta that will add 91 homes within a short one-block walk from the Denver Union Station transit hub.


The proposed development site is currently a surface parking lot, happily, an increasingly endangered species in Lower Downtown. Along 15th Street, the site is adjacent to the Nichols-owned Steelbridge Annex building—the majority of which is structured parking for the Steelbridge Lofts next door—and along Wewatta Street the project’s neighbor would be 1400 Wewatta, completed in 2008. Here’s a Google Street View image of the site, with 15th Street in the foreground and Wewatta Street on the right:


Currently referred to by its address of 1750 15th Street, the development is in the review process with the Lower Downtown Design Review Board (LDDRB). The board will consider the project at their September 1 meeting for approval of mass and scale. The city staff recommendation is for “denial” for various reasons, but this is pretty common for a project’s first submittal. As proposed, 1750 15th would rise 130 feet, the maximum allowed, which is the same height as 1400 Wewatta next door and 1515 Wynkoop across the street.

The following images are all taken from the project’s September 1 submittal to the LDDRB, and were prepared by Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects. Of course, these are conceptual renderings and subject to further modifications and refinement over the coming months. You’ll note that what makes this project particularly interesting and challenging is the narrow lot—only 49 feet of frontage facing 15th Street.

View from about where the Triangle Building is looking southwest down Wewatta. On the left is 1515 Wynkoop and on the right, 1400 Wewatta, with the proposed project in the center:


Opposite view from near Cherry Creek looking northeast along Wewatta Street:


Overhead view of the corner of 15th and Wewatta and the proposed development’s surrounding context:


Given the constrained parcel size and proximity to Union Station, no on-site automobile parking for residents is planned; however, the basement level will include significant room for bicycle parking. On the ground floor, a retail space would anchor the corner while the residential lobby would face Wewatta Street. The majority of the homes in the building would be micro-apartments in the 350 SF range, while the upper four floors would feature slightly larger units.

This is a really exciting project, as it will put even more homes within easy walking distance of transit and just about everything else anyone would need for car-free living. Plus, it removes a surface parking lot (yay!), completes the urban form of the entire block, and improves the pedestrian environment at a busy corner. We will gladly follow this project as it moves through the review and approval process.

Uptown: Colorado Health Foundation Update #3

Back in May, the Colorado Health Foundation headquarters was just a steel structure. Now, the building is starting to take shape!

This is a neat little infill project. It has a great presence along 18th Avenue, and features a unique roof-line. We can also start to see the facade go up on all sides of the building. If you need a refresher for what the final product will look like, make sure you check out the rendering.

2016-08-21_COHealth-03 2016-08-21_COHealth-01

Here is one more photo looking straight on the project. Here we can see the glass curtain wall that will be at the entrance of the building.


The Colorado Health Foundation headquarters should be complete later this year.

Arapahoe Square: Alexan Arapahoe Square Project Update #3

Alexan Arapahoe Square is getting closer to starting. Yesterday, a press release came out regarding a land sale for the Alexan Arapahoe Square site. According to the document, construction is slated to start this month with completion in October 2018.

Here is a photo of the site, taken last weekend. As you can see, it’s a pretty desolate area along Welton Street.


As a refresher, here is a rendering of the 13-story, 355-unit building, courtesy of Kephart the project’s architect.


Our next update on this project will be when the parking lot is stripped away and there is a hole in the ground!

Westwood: Westwood Crossing Update #2

By José Esparza

If you have driven by the corner of West Alameda Avenue and Irving Street in West Denver, you probably have seen very large piles of dirt being moved around. Behind those dirt piles, contractors have been very busy since breaking ground a few months ago on constructing Westwood Crossing, a project that will include 98 affordable apartments and about 5,000 square feet of ground-floor office or retail space within a four-story building.


View of Westwood Crossing under construction looking northwest, July 2016.

The asbestos in the four houses on the site was abated and houses demolished. The residents moved into new homes under McDermott Properties’ relocation program.


View of Westwood Crossing under construction looking northeast, July 2016.

Earth work is now completed. The rains of April and May slowed this phase of the project down, but concrete is being poured and the walls built for the podium.


Concrete wall for the building podium under construction at Westwood Crossing, July 2016.

On the east side of the property, along South Irving Street, you can see the first floor being constructed which is where the leasing offices will be located. Due to the slope of the site, the podium is at street level with Alameda Avenue and one-story high looking north from West Nevada Place.


José Esparza came to Denver in 2011 to study urban planning. He attained a BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a MURP from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently, José is Executive Director of West Community Economic Development Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit in west Denver, and serves on the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Central Downtown: 999 17th Street Update #6

Since our last update in May, 999 17th Street has doubled in size and is now up six stories. This is a milestone for this project because the parking structure tops out at six stories.

From here, the apartment structure will be setback from the parking structure and go up another 21 stories, ultimately topping out at 27 stories.

2016-08-21_99917thStreet-02 2016-08-21_99917thStreet-01

GE Johnson Construction has a great webcam overlooking the project site. Here is a recent image from it:

Courtesy of GE Johnson Construction

Courtesy of GE Johnson Construction

999 17th Street is trekking right along and is starting making a huge impact along 17th and 18th Street!

Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #5

Since its topping out in May, Alexan Uptown has been making steady progress. The tower crane has been taken down, and we can start to see the facade on both the front and back of the building.

The 12-story, 372-unit apartment building is quite large, taking up the entire block along Logan Street between 19th and 20th Avenue. A good portion of the facade will be stucco, which is why the building is still covered in green tarp. The back of the building, facing west, features a setback in the center and will be finished with stucco.

2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-04 2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-01

The first four floors of Alexan Uptown will have a brown brick facade which looks sharp at the street level.

2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-02 2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-03

In the next couple of months, we will start to see the rest of the building as the facade starts wrapping up.

Central Downtown: 1144 Fifteenth Update #13

1144 Fifteenth Street is starting to make a huge impact along 15th Street. Since our last update in June, the tower crane has been jumped, the core is climbing its way up onto the skyline, and the parking structure is almost topped out. Let’s take a look!

The parking garage is now up nine stories with only three more to go. Once the concrete structure of the garage tops out, the steel structure will begin for floors 13 through 40; 42 with the mechanical penthouse.

2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-04 2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-03

The transformation of 15th Street is a fantastic sight. It’s amazing what three buildings (Le Meridien / AC, aLoft, 1144 Fifteenth) can do to a streetscape.

2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-02 2016-08-21_1144Fifteenth-01

Our next update for 1144 Fifteenth will be when the steel structure starts, which should be in the next few weeks.

Edit: 08/23/2016 – 7:25AM

Here is an awesome bonus photo from DenverInfill reader S. Autrey. If you look closely at the core, you can see where the parking structure will eventually top out. The setback in the core is where the office portion will begin.


New Golden Triangle Project: Greystar Speer Boulevard

Another large scale apartment project might be coming to the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Greystar is proposing a 16-story, 302-unit apartment project with 12,000 square feet of retail.

Today, we have some information on this project but the details are still a little sparse. The building will be located at the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Bannock, one block southeast of Joule. Here is an aerial with the project site outlined.

The site outline is not final and may change in the future. This is our best guess based on the renderings.


EDIT: 08/23/2016 – 7:20AM

Here is the project’s site plan from the documents filed with Denver’s Right of Way Services which shows the footprint of the building.


Here is a Google Street-view of the site. As noted above, the extent of the project site is our best guess based on the renderings; we currently do not know if the existing buildings will be demolished for this project.


Here are two renderings of the project courtesy of Ziegler Cooper, the project’s architect. Head on over to their project page for additional renderings of the interiors and amenities.

According to the architect, this project will feature upscale urban living, with a club room, aqua lounge, fitness center, dog park, community room, WiFi lounge, morning Room, and a 14,275 square foot rooftop deck with a pool offering views of the mountain skyline.

2016-08-22_GreystarSpeerRendering-01 2016-08-22_GreystarSpeerRendering-02

The construction time-frame for this project is currently unknown however, we will provide an update once we receive more information.