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Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #1

Back in March, we announced a new project bringing 372-units to the Uptown neighborhood. As of October 31st, a fence has been put up around the parking lot and workers have started to rip up the asphalt.

As I was shooting some snowy aerial video footage at Benedict Fountain Park today, I stumbled across a frame that perfectly highlights the project site. You can clearly see how large of an impact this project is going to have in the neighborhood as it’s taking up the entire half block. The project site is the leftmost parking lot in the photo.


Being kitty corner to One City Block, this part of Uptown is turning into a great, tight-knit urban community!

Uptown: Ascent Uptown Final Update

Back in February 2013, we announced a new project that was going up on the intersection of 17th Avenue and Franklin Street. The project, named Ascent Uptown, is a three story building containing affordable apartments with ground floor retail. During this project’s build-out, we didn’t have any updates, which is unfortunate. However, it has been called to our attention by DenverInfill reader Chris Jones that Ascent Uptown is now complete. Below is the only post we had on this project; the announcement post.

New Uptown Project: Ascent Uptown

Now for some photos! This is a nice little infill project that takes up a fairly small parcel. The three story building is comprised of both brick and paneling with some very functional awnings for the ground floor retail, which we will get to later in this post!

04-06-2014_AscentUptown-01 04-06-2014_AscentUptown-06

04-06-2014_AscentUptown-02 04-06-2014_AscentUptown-07

The parking for Ascent Uptown is in the back of the building towards 16th Avenue down Franklin Street. There is also a B-Cycle station right outside the building!


The street presence, which matters the most, is everything you could want along 17th Avenue. There are two restaurants, Olive and Finch and Patxi’s Pizza, occupying the ground floor retail spaces with the entrance to the apartments on Franklin Street. Every time I have walked by, and if there isn’t a storm rolling in quickly as you can see in the photos, each patio has always been occupied by a good amount of people.

04-06-2014_AscentUptown-05 04-06-2014_AscentUptown-03

17th Avenue from Logan to York Street has some great patches of retail and restaurants. Ascent Uptown keeps the trend with proving some great ground floor retail along with adding 22 affordable housing units to the neighborhood! Welcome to Denver, Ascent Uptown!

Uptown: One City Block Final Update

The time has come to wrap up One City Block over in the Uptown neighborhood. The project is now complete and residents are living in all four buildings. One City Block had very extensive coverage here on DenverInfill so I encourage you to look back at the previous posts below and follow this great project from proposal to completion!

New Infill Project Planned for Full Block in Uptown

Uptown District Project Update: One City Block

Goodbye Empty Lots, You Will Not Be Missed

Uptown: One City Block Update #1

Uptown: One City Block Update #2

Uptown: One City Block Update #3

Uptown: One City Block Update #4

Uptown: One City Block Update #5

Uptown: One City Block Update #6

Uptown: One City Block Update #7 (Inside the Infill Edition)

Uptown: One City Block Update #8

Now for a look at the finished product. Prepare yourself, this is a very large tour with a lot of photos! First off, we are going to walk around One City Block looking at each corner of the project. Here is ‘The Congress’ and ‘The Benedict’ along 19th Avenue between Logan and Pennsylvania Street. We have already seen these complete buildings in our previous update.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-01 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-06

The two buildings we have not seen complete are ‘The Commons’ (left) and ‘The Washington’ (right). They are situated along 18th Avenue between Logan and Pennsylvania Street. Right now, there are a lack of trees in this view but they are being planted around the whole block.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-07 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-11

Next, we are going to walk around One City Block again but look at the street presence along each block. Here is the view down 19th Avenue. These buildings fit the scale of Uptown very well and continue the urban fabric Uptown Square has provided for over a decade.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-02 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-04

Moving around One City Block counter-clockwise, this is the street view looking south down Logan Street towards 18th Avenue (left) and looking east down 18th Avenue towards Pennsylvania Street (right).

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-05 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-09

And finally the street view looking north down Pennsylvania Street towards 19th Avenue. Also worth a mention, there is ample signage and seating around the entire project on all four streets. This continues the same trend of Uptown Square.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-12 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-03

There are two entrances we have not yet seen: the entrance to both ‘The Commons’ and ‘The Washington’ are clearly marked and inviting on the street level.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-08    2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-10

Speaking of entrances, there will be two ground floor retail pads along 19th Avenue; one in ‘The Congress’ and one in ‘The Benedict’. Recently, RedPeak announced their first retail tenant: D-Bar which will be located in ‘The Congress’.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-20 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-24

The parking for One City Block is pretty inconspicuous and is located along both Pennsylvania and Logan Street.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-16 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-19

Retail parking is provided and resident parking is through a private entrance on both sides.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-18 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-17

One City Block features a single central courtyard that is accessible to residents from each block. Each entrance is gated at the top of the stairs and requires a key to get in.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-13 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-23

Here is a peek inside the central courtyard. The courtyard has numerous amounts of meeting space and seating with a pool in the center.

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-14 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-15

2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-21 2014-03-25_OneCityBlock-22

In the two and a half years DenverInfill has been following One City Block, I have personally seen it slowly transform the Uptown neighborhood on a daily basis. This project is adding 350-units to Uptown, more retail, and is greatly contributing to help repair the urban fabric of this neighborhood. The fact we were able to get a project that took up an entire block of surface parking is great. Having the project split up into four unique buildings with different styles of brick and architecture is absolutely phenomenal. One City Block, in no way, has an overbearing presence and has near perfect urban form. Welcome to Downtown Denver and Uptown, One City Block!

New Uptown Project: Alexan Uptown

A development application for a significant new residential project in Downtown Denver’s Uptown district has been under review with the city since December 2013.

Alexan Uptown is planned for the full half block along the west side of Logan Street between E. 19th and E. 20th Avenues. Here’s a Google Earth aerial photo showing the project location:

Trammell Crow Residential‘s Alexan Uptown project is a 12-story, 372-unit apartment community that will include 440 parking spaces located on one below-grade level and four above-grade levels. Residential units will wrap the structured parking along the 20th and Logan sides. Alexan Uptown will replace a full half block of ugly surface parking—a condition that has plagued the Uptown district for decades. Fortunately, thanks to nearby projects such as Uptown Square, Tower on the Park, Uptown Apartments, Grant Park and, most recently, One City Block, that condition is changing. Uptown is steadily transforming into a dense, vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood and this new Alexan Uptown development will substantially contribute to Uptown’s evolution. Here’s a Google Street View image of the Alexan Uptown site at the corner of Logan Street and 20th Avenue:

Really, what could be more anti-urban than a wasteland surface parking lot like this? Alexan Uptown will help heal another gap in Uptown’s urban fabric.

The project architect is Kephart. Here’s a current rendering of Alexan Uptown, courtesy of the good folks at Kephart, showing the project from across the 19th and Logan corner—19th Avenue is on the left, Logan Street is on the right (click/zoom to view at full 2,400-pixel-wide resolution):

Construction on Alexan Uptown should begin Fall 2014.

Uptown: 1756 Clarkson Final Update

Today we are going to take a final look at the 1756 Clarkson project in the Uptown neighborhood. 1756 Clarkson is now complete and residents have already begun to move in. Since this is a final update, you can follow our coverage on this project from start to finish by clicking the links below.

New Uptown Project: 1756 Clarkson

Uptown: 1756 Clarkson Update #1

Uptown: 1756 Clarkson Update #2 

This apartment building rises a total of 5-stories and is comprised of both brick and metal paneling. The entrance to the parking garage is along the alley with apartment units facing Clarkson Street. Even though this project was just completed, there were already multiple residents moving in as I was taking these photos. I’m sure we will see this fill up quick given our current market!


1756 Clarkson fills in the last gap on both sides of Clarkson Street between 17th and 18th Avenue and is unmistakably one of the largest buildings on the block.


1756 Clarkson is providing the Uptown neighborhood with 60 rental units and cost a total of 6.7 million dollars. Average rent for this building starts around $2 per square foot. Welcome to the Uptown Neighborhood, 1756 Clarkson!

New Uptown Project: 1818 Clarkson

While I was taking a little walk on this beautiful brisk evening, I noticed something different between 18th and 19th Avenue along Clarkson Street. A project that has been on my watch list for over a year now finally has a development sign on the site and with some research I was able to find out some details about this project! First off, let’s start out with a map of the site. Also worth a mention, this is the last empty lot between 17th and 19th along Clarkson!

1818 Clarkson will be a 3-story, 7-unit townhome project. Here is a rendering courtesy of their website.

I wasn’t wielding my fancy camera tonight but I did manage to get a picture of the site with my phone camera.

Construction time frame is still unknown but seeing how townhome developments are sizzling in Denver right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this break ground within the few months! Prices will start in the low $300k’s.

Uptown: One City Block Update #8

It’s time for part two of our huge One City Block update! A couple of days ago we went on the inside and saw all of the great progress that has been made! Today, we are going to take a tour around the outside of One City Block and look at each of the four buildings.

The first building we will look at is The Congress. Each building will have a label and an arrow pointing toward the entrance.

The exterior of The Congress has been done for quite some time and we even had a good look at it on our last exterior update. However there is one huge difference which completes the picture: No construction fence! The sidewalks are open and this building is now fully part of Uptown’s urban fabric! The Congress is comprised mostly of brown brick and instead of a 90 degree angle around the 19th and Pennsylvania corner, the building has a great curve which also creates some very neat units on the inside, check out our last update for pictures of those units!


Next up is The Benedict. Once again, there is a sign and an arrow giving you the direction of the entrance.

The Benedict features red brick and peaked roofs which is completely different than its neighbor, The Congress. Both The Congress and The Benedict will feature ground floor retail along 19th Avenue further extending the retail corridor already provided by Uptown Square. It’s amazing how prominent these buildings are now that the fences are down!



Going up Logan towards 18th Avenue you will find The Commons. This is the most relaxed building as far as architecture goes. The Commons features patterned beige and brown brick with setbacks all along the building.



The crane that has been standing in front of The Commons for many months has been packed up ready to be hauled away. Everything is coming closer to completion!

Last but not least there is the building that has the most unique brickwork, The Washington. This building has taken the longest for the facade to go up and we can clearly see why! One of the three round towers in The Washington is complete and it looks nothing short of amazing! Workers were also power-washing a complete section of the building. What a difference this makes! Because both The Commons and The Washington are on a hill, they only rise 4-stories to match the elevation of The Congress and The Benedict.



There are only two garage entrances in the entire development and they’re hardly noticeable. Access to the garage is on either Logan or Pennsylvania and it goes right through both The Congress and the Benedict.


Walking along the completed portion of One City Block is a great feeling and just these two buildings alone contribute so much more to the street level in Uptown versus what stood here before, a huge parking lot!


One City Block is opening in two phases. The Congress and The Benedict are already leasing and residents should be moving in very soon. The Commons and The Washington are not as far along and should be open around late January which will be when this project as a whole is complete.

Uptown: One City Block Update #7 (Inside the Infill Edition)

Today we are heading back to Uptown to take another look at the One City Block project. A lot has happened since our last update in July, and this time we get to take a look on the inside thanks to Sabrina Taylor, a Community Manager for RedPeak.

Let’s start the tour with the leasing center and main entrance which sits on 19th Avenue between Logan and Pennsylvania. This lobby is very unique with funky colors, lots of different types of furniture and a great ceiling with a skylight. Along the walls you will also find some commissioned art pieces. Some of the other art around the property will be dedicated to the late Evan Lichtenfels which will subtly include his name or hobbies Evan liked away from the job all in the form of a picture or sculpture.


This lobby and common area also connects the two north buildings even though they look separated on the outside. Named The Congress and The Benedict, these two buildings are very close to completion and are the buildings we are going to look at on our tour today.


First stop in The Congress is the community room where residents will be able to meet and host events. This still under-construciton room will feature a full kitchen, lots of seating and direct access to the central courtyard.

Now let’s head upstairs for a look at the apartment units themselves. This is a two bedroom unit and, just like what we’ve been seeing in a lot of the other projects, the finishes are modern with hardwood flooring in the main living space. The bedrooms are carpeted and large enough for all of your standard bedroom furniture.


The studio units are also very functional and average around 560-600 square feet. These units still feature a full kitchen with an island and a full bathroom which is near the entry of the unit.


The Congress features some very unique units. Along 19th Avenue, the building curves around the corner to Pennsylvania creating a non-traditional curved living space.


Also, on some third floor units, there are great floor to ceiling arched windows.


The last stop on our tour is the central courtyard which all four buildings have access to. This will be the largest community space in the complex and will include a pool. There are stairs on the outside of the buildings to get to the courtyard but once you get to the top of the stairs, there will be a gate letting only tenants in.



Due to the large amount of content I have for this project update, this is only part one of a two part update! Next up, we will be looking at the exterior of One City Block!