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Uptown: Colorado Health Foundation Update #3

Back in May, the Colorado Health Foundation headquarters was just a steel structure. Now, the building is starting to take shape!

This is a neat little infill project. It has a great presence along 18th Avenue, and features a unique roof-line. We can also start to see the facade go up on all sides of the building. If you need a refresher for what the final product will look like, make sure you check out the rendering.

2016-08-21_COHealth-03 2016-08-21_COHealth-01

Here is one more photo looking straight on the project. Here we can see the glass curtain wall that will be at the entrance of the building.


The Colorado Health Foundation headquarters should be complete later this year.

Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #5

Since its topping out in May, Alexan Uptown has been making steady progress. The tower crane has been taken down, and we can start to see the facade on both the front and back of the building.

The 12-story, 372-unit apartment building is quite large, taking up the entire block along Logan Street between 19th and 20th Avenue. A good portion of the facade will be stucco, which is why the building is still covered in green tarp. The back of the building, facing west, features a setback in the center and will be finished with stucco.

2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-04 2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-01

The first four floors of Alexan Uptown will have a brown brick facade which looks sharp at the street level.

2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-02 2016-08-21_AlexanUptown-03

In the next couple of months, we will start to see the rest of the building as the facade starts wrapping up.

Summer 2016: Central Denver Tower Crane Census

Happy first day of Summer readers! Back by popular demand, we are going to start the week and season off with a tower crane census. There was a lot of crane action going on over the weekend so this will be a fun census. All of the tower crane photos, with the exception of one, were taken on Saturday for an accurate count; even though the count is going to be tricky.

This census is for tower cranes only. The self erecting cranes (cranes without a ladder mast or cab) on smaller builds are not counted.

Why tricky? Let’s start out with tower crane number zero. As I got down to the Union Station neighborhood, workers were taking down the crane at Union Tower West. As much as I would love to count this, this crane has been completely taken down.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-09 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-03

Let’s move the count in a positive direction. One and Two belong to Pivot.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-23 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-10

Three and Four are for 1709 Chestnut. The second tower crane for this project wasn’t up on Saturday but it should be complete today.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-05 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-08

Tower crane number Five belongs to the 16th and Wewatta Hotel and Office Complex.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-12 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-11

The Confluence offers tower cranes Six and Seven. As a bonus, they were jumping the south tower crane over the weekend.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-06 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-22

Number Eight belongs to 28th and Vallejo and, since this is a Central Denver census, Alexan West Highlands brings number Nine to the table.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-07 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-20

I forgot the memory card for my other camera before I went up to take this photo so here is number Ten, belonging to Modera River North, in cell-phone-picture fashion.


I said out loud, “No! What are you doing? I have a census to do…” as I saw what was going on at Dairy Block. A tower crane taking down another tower crane is not a sight we see everyday. Unfortunately, I can only count one for Dairy Block bringing the total up to Eleven.


Twelve and Thirteen, belonging to 999 17th Street, are nicely tucked away in Central Downtown.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-13 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-14

1144 Fifteenth claims number Fifteen with Le Meridien / AC bringing the number up to Sixteen. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see the south tower crane for The Confluence continuing to jump itself.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-15 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-17

Seventeen belongs to the rare luffing jib over at SkyHouse. I’m sure number Eighteen, at Alexan Uptown, will be taken down very soon.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-18 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-02

Number Nineteen is working hard at Eviva Cherokee with Twenty and Twenty-One helping build the twin 30-story Country Club Towers.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-21 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-01

Last but not least, Twenty-Two stands tall above the Alexan Cherry Creek site. After a five hour tower-crane-spotting hike, I forgot to take a current picture of this one but trust me, it’s still there.


As I was editing these photos last night, my wife nicely told me that she spotted one for Tennyson Place in Berkeley last month. After reviewing her phone picture footage, that brings our final total to Twenty-Three. Sorry, I don’t have a current photo of this one.

That’s a lot of tower cranes and about the peak number we are going to see this year. Our previous census, back in 2013, featured ten tower cranes with around three up in Cherry Creek at the time. 2016 has significantly more construction activity as the boom keeps on rolling!

Uptown: 5280 Senior Residences Update #2

Just down the street from the Colorado Health Foundation building under construction at East 18th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street is the site of the future 5280 Senior Residences, a 99-unit, six-story project at East 16th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street that’s being developed by The Burgwyn Company. Led by Henry Burgwyn, the company specializes in building affordable housing for families, seniors, and veterans. Before the recession, Burgwyn completed the 1135 Broadway and 12th and Elati Residences projects in the Golden Triangle.

Construction started in January with the removal of the existing surface parking lot (yay!). Since then, good progress has been made, as we will see in the photos below.

First, a few additional facts we’ve learned about the project since our last post and… a nice rendering too (thank you, OZ Architecture)!


According to documents on file with the city, the project will include seven residential units on the ground floor, with the balance on the upper five levels. The ground floor will also include a community room, exercise facility, leasing office, and a landscaped inner courtyard. A total of 86 automobile parking spaces will be provided in the building, along with space for 48 bicycles. About 20 of the automobile parking spaces will be on the ground floor near the vehicle entry off the alley, with the rest located on the project’s one underground level.

Speaking of the underground level, excavation for the below-grade parking is mostly complete and the shoring walls are in place. Please enjoy the following photographs of the 5280 Senior Residences construction site and its surrounding urban context.

Looking south toward East 16th Avenue:


The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is a neighbor one block to the south:


Tower crane along Pennsylvania Street:


View looking west at the corner of 16th and Pennsylvania:


View to the north:

Northwest corner of the property:


The 5280 Senior Residences is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2017.

Uptown: Colorado Health Foundation Update #2

Back in February, Ryan covered the start of construction for the new headquarters of the Colorado Health Foundation at 18th and Pennsylvania in Uptown. Today, we have a few photos to share with you of the progress that’s been made since then.

Pennsylvania Street side looking north towards 18th Avenue:


View from across the corner with 18th Avenue in the foreground and Pennsylvania Street on the right:


This is so nice… the healing of Uptown’s parking-lot-tattered urban fabric!


You can check out the CHF’s time-lapse construction video here.

Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #4

Alexan Uptown has topped out at 12 stories! The project has been going up quickly thanks to a relatively new technology. Here is what we said about the structural system in our previous post:

The steel used for the structure is a fairly new technology; they are using what is called the Prescient system. Each steel beam is prefabricated and snaps into place; there is no need for welding.

Alexan Uptown has quite a presence when looking at it from Benedict Fountain Park. The 12-story project is roughly the same height as its neighbor across the street and also maximizes on the allowable height per the zoning code.

2016-05-27_AlexanUptown-01 2016-05-27_AlexanUptown-02

The brick facade, which will be featured on the first four levels, is starting to shape up nicely. We are not sure what the upper levels will look like, from a materials standpoint, just yet. For a refresher, head on over to our announcement post for renderings and more details.

2016-05-27_AlexanUptown-03 2016-05-27_AlexanUptown-04

Alexan Uptown encloses Logan Street and helps make it one of the densest blocks in Uptown. Remember, this project site used to be an entire half block of parking. Next time you are in the area, make sure you walk the street and check it out!

New Uptown Project: SOVA

A new 12-story apartment building is planned for the corner of 19th Avenue and Grant Street in Denver’s Uptown district.

The project, known as SOVA, is being developed by McWhinney, the Colorado-based firm currently under construction with the Dairy Block in Lower Downtown and a partner in the renovation/reuse of the historic Denver Union Station.

SOVA will replace an ugly surface parking lot (yay!) and complete the west side of Grant between 19th and 20th, sharing the block face with the Grant Park project that was completed in May, 2007. Here’s a Google Earth image with the site outlined:


SOVA will include 211 units, six of which are ground-floor townhomes facing Grant Street with patios and planters along the sidewalk that add interest to the pedestrian environment. Also on Grant, close to the corner with 19th, is the main building entry leading to a light-filled lobby space. The two renderings below are courtesy of Craine Architecture, the project architect. First, the view of the building’s southeast corner, with Grant Street on the right and 19th Avenue on the left:


Close-up view of the ground-floor townhome units along Grant Street, looking southwest:


SOVA will include 211 automobile parking spaces for an exact 1:1 parking space/unit ratio. A small amount of parking will be located on the ground floor with the balance located on one underground level and two above-grade levels. Vehicle access will be provided through an entry on 19th Avenue and a second entry on the alley. Also included will be space for over 100 bicycles plus a bike and ski repair room, and a spa for residents.

The project is currently under review with the city, so the renderings above should be considered subject to further revision, and the building’s program may be tweaked in the future.

SOVA will fill a sizable gap in Uptown’s urban fabric and significantly improve the pedestrian experience in the area!

Two Projects Kick Off in the Uptown Neighborhood!

As we all know, Uptown is riddled with surface lots that hurt the urban fabric of this great neighborhood. But there’s good news! Two more surface lots have bit the dust as two new projects are just getting underway. Instead of posting two separate first updates, let’s put them together in a single infilltastic post.

Our first stop will be at the Colorado Health Foundation Headquarters, located at 18th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street. This project is a three-story, 32,500 square foot office building. For a refresher, here is a rendering.

New Colorado Health Foundation headquarters building. Rendering courtesy of Davis Partnership.

New Colorado Health Foundation headquarters building. Rendering courtesy of Davis Partnership.

Excavation and foundation work for the underground parking is currently underway.

2016-02-15_COHealthFoundation-01 2016-02-15_COHealthFoundation-02

Next up is the 5280 Senior Residences, located just down the street at 16th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street. This is a 99-unit, senior housing project that will rise a total of six-stories. While we are tracking down an official rendering, here is the sign on the project fence.


As you can clearly see, another surface parking lot bites the dust!

2016-02-15_5280SeniorResidences-03 2016-02-15_5280SeniorResidences-02

That’s it for Uptown, stay tuned for much more infill this week!

Uptown: Alexan Uptown Update #3

It’s been nine months since we last visited Alexan Uptown and, as you can imagine, a lot has happened in that time. Alexan Uptown is a 12-story, 372-unit apartment building going up between 19th and 20th Avenue along Logan Street. For a detail and rendering refresher, head on over to our announcement post.

The four-story concrete structure, which will contain units and parking, is complete with the steel construction well underway for floors five through twelve. The steel used for the structure is a fairly new technology; they are using what is called the Prescient system. Each steel beam is prefabricated and snaps into place; there is no need for welding.

Now for some photos! Here is the project from 19th Avenue and Logan Street.

2016-02-15_AlexanUptown-01 2016-02-15_AlexanUptown-02

And from 20th Avenue and Logan Street.

2016-02-15_AlexanUptown-04 2016-02-15_AlexanUptown-03

The snap-and-go steel construction is efficient and quick so we should see this project top out relatively soon.