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Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #2

From an old office building, to dirt lot, to busy construction site, 701 Sherman is starting to rise! As a quick refresher, RedPeak is developing a 7-story, 105-unit apartment building in one of the least dense areas of Capitol Hill.

Since our last update, a tower crane has been installed on site and work on the third floor has begun. Here are two pictures of the project from last weekend.

2015-08-24_701Sherman-02 2015-08-24_701Sherman-01

Stay tuned as we visit more Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle projects this week!

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #2

Swinging back to Capitol Hill, let’s take a quick look at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Sherman Street where the MOTO Apartments have started to rise. To refresh your memory, this is a 64-unit apartment building rising a total of six-stories.

Here are some pictures of the progress! Most of the wood framing is complete along with the base. Within the next few weeks, we should start to see the unique facade go up. Head on over to our first update for a rendering of this project.

2015-04-19_Moto-02 2015-04-19_Moto-01

With Capitol Hill, as a whole, almost completely built out, there are still voids in its fabric scattered throughout the neighborhood as you get closer to Broadway. Luckily, this problem is starting to get rectified with projects such as this one! MOTO is expected to open within the next couple of months.

Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #1

Back in August, we announced a new Capitol Hill project that was going to have a huge impact at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Sherman Street. At the time, we had no information on when the project was going to break ground, who was building it or who was managing it.

The size of the project, since our announcement, has remained the same; 8-stories, 105 apartment units. Today, we have some more information for you. First off, here is a new rendering courtesy of Craine Architecture. Managed by RedPeak, 701 Sherman…


…is now under-construction!


Head on over to our announcement post to see what was on the site before it was cleared. What exciting news for Capitol Hill!

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #1

Last month, we posted an update on a project that was already underway and had very little information out about it. Recently, DenverInfill has obtained information on the MOTO Apartments, formally known as 820 Sherman, going up in Capitol Hill, thanks to the good folks at Gensler.

According to the press release, the MOTO (Middle of Town) Apartments will feature 64-units in a six-story building over 61 parking stalls and 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. Amenities include a specialized bike room, and upper deck containing a pool and community courtyard. Here is a rendering, courtesy of Gensler Architects.


Two tenants, Black Eye Coffee Shop and Proper Barber Shop, have already been announced to occupy the ground floor retail which is great news! Completion for this project is expected Spring 2015. For more information on the MOTO Apartments, including floor-plans, head on over to their website.

New Capitol Hill Project: 701 Sherman

Capitol Hill has block after block of tightly knit density, but as you move closer to Broadway, craters, or surface parking lots, break up the urban fabric. However, this is starting to change as another underutilized lot is going away in Capitol Hill! Just down the road from 820 Sherman, another residential project is proposed for the corner of 7th Avenue and Sherman Street! Here is a map with the project site outlined.


Present day, the site consists of a small single story office building surrounded by surface parking to the north and west. This lot is clearly in need for an upgrade.

2014-08-17_701ShermanSite-02 2014-08-17_701ShermanSite-01

How does an 8-story, 105-unit building sound for an upgrade? Here are two perspectives of 701 Sherman courtesy of Craine Architecture.

2014-08-17_701ShermanRendering-01 2014-08-17_701ShermanRendering-02

Currently, there is no word on when this project is expected to break ground nor is there information on who the builder is. We will keep you posted as soon as those details come around!

New Capitol Hill Project: 820 Sherman

Holes in the ground with heavy machinery are always a great sign of a new development. Over at 8th Avenue and Sherman Street, there is a sizeable hole and we have some information about what’s going on.

First, let’s start out with a map of the site. As you can see, 820 Sherman is taking up an ugly Capitol Hill surface parking lot, which is great news for one of Downtown Denver’s densest neighborhoods.


Currently, there are no renderings for this project but we have a couple pieces of information. Accoring to the Denver County Property Assessor, the lot was purchased by 8th and Sherman Development LLC and a permit has been filed for a 5-story mixed-use building with ground floor retail. Gensler is the architect and PCL is the builder. Here are a couple of photos of the site from this weekend.

2014-08-17_820ShermanSite-02 2014-08-17_820ShermanSite-01

820 Sherman has roughly the same size footprint as 1756 Clarkson, over in Uptown, so we should expect anywhere between 50-75 units in this development. The average construction timeline for a project this size is around 12-14 months.

New Capitol Hill Project: Colfax Marketplace

If you looked closely at the map from the September 2013 Residential Boom Update, you may have noticed there are a couple of projects we haven’t covered yet here on DenverInfill. Today, we are going to look at one of those projects; a new 74-unit apartment building, named Colfax Marketplace, going up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. This project will be situated on the southeast corner of Colfax Avenue and Corona Street. Here is a map with the project site outlined.

Here is a conceptual rendering of the project courtesy of KTGY. Even though this isn’t the final design, this apartment building will have a modern design with brick and stucco for the exterior materials. Since the Colfax Marketplace will face Colfax, which is zoned as a main street, there will be ground floor retail along the entire building.

Right now on the site there is an old 3-story building, that used to house Smiley’s Laundry, and a parking lot. Recently, Slipstream Properties, the developer of Colfax Marketplace, bought the 3-story building and will be renovating both the 28 apartments and the 7,000 square feet of already existing ground floor retail space.

Units in the 3-story building will be a combination of studio and one-bedroom units ranging from 400-600 square feet in size with monthly rents between $800-$1000. Unit sizes and pricing are not yet available for the new 5-story building which is expected to break ground in March 2014 with completion in the Fall of 2015. East Colfax is going through a huge transformation and each infill or adaptive reuse project is helping restore what Colfax used to be; Denver’s main street.

Capitol Hill: Emerson Lofts Final Update

Today we are going to take a final look at the 8th and Emerson apartments, now named the Emerson Lofts, over in Capitol Hill. This development is adding 42 rental units to the Capitol Hill neighborhood and, since they started leasing on July 1st, 31-units have already been leased. There is a clear demand for apartments around Downtown Denver! Since this is a final update, here are all the previous posts for this project.

Project Announcement 

Update #1 

Update #2 

First let’s start with the exterior of the building which looks much sharper than the rendering we saw last year. This building looks like nothing else in Capitol Hill with the different sized rectangles, large windows, and the integration of wood on the facade.


Because of the great large trees along Emerson, this building is very hard to see from the road. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t impressive at the pedestrian level. If you didn’t notice, there are stoops that lead to either an apartment unit or to the inner walkways of the building which we will look at next. Because 8th Avenue is a busy street and less traveled by pedestrians, there are only three entrances to individual apartment units with no main entrances.


Our tour doesn’t end with just the outside of the building! DenverInfill had the opportunity to take a look on the inside thanks to Chris Fulenwider, the developer and architect of the Emerson Lofts. Once you walk into the one of the entrances, you are greeted with stairways, passageways, and bridges connecting both sides of the building. The first floor is parking, which you cam see in the fourth photo, so you enter on the second floor.



The square footage of each unit is fairly small, with two bedroom units around 960 square feet. However, with tall ceilings, efficient floor plans, and second levels, the spaces feel much larger. Each unit has a modern finish with stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops, and either hardwood floors or polished concrete. In addition, all 42-units are equipped with Nest; a programmable smart thermostat that learns your heating and cooling patterns, home and away schedule, while also having the ability to be programmed when you’re away from home. Between Nest and the large windows providing lots of natural light, a lot of energy is conserved in these units. These photos were taken with all the lights off, and it was slightly overcast!



The bedrooms are a little smaller but still very suitable for your personal living space. These floor plans were configured to have a larger living and kitchen area because, typically, that is where you spend the majority of your time when you are at home.


Down in the garage, outdoor storage is also provided.

This apartment community is already very successful and has only been on the market for about two months. Did I mention there are only 42 parking spaces for 42 units? This will help encourage residents to use the amenities Capitol Hill has to offer; its great walk-ability, public transit, B-Cycle, and Car2Go! Welcome to Capitol Hill, Emerson Lofts!