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Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Final Update

Given there is no pattern in location with our posts this week it tells us one thing: there is infill still going on all over Downtown Denver and its surrounding neighborhoods! Heading to Capitol Hill, we are going to take a look at the seven-story, 105-unit apartment building at 7th Avenue and Sherman Street.

Now named ‘7/S Denver Haus’, RedPeak’s new property is now complete and open for leasing.


Here are all of our previous posts for this project:

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New Capitol Hill Project: 701 Sherman

Designed by Craine Architecture, this project adds a fairly new color scheme to Capitol Hill; dark brick.

2016-06-11_701Sherman-01 2016-06-11_701Sherman-11

7/S Denver Haus also features blonde brick on three sides of the building.

2016-06-11_701Sherman-08 2016-06-11_701Sherman-07

The west facing side, along Lincoln Street, has a setback and houses a rooftop deck along with an outdoor amenity area for residents.

2016-06-11_701Sherman-05 2016-06-11_701Sherman-03

While there is no ground floor retail, the ground level is incredibly pleasant to the pedestrian passerby. The east side contains ground level unit entrances with the main building entrance on the south side.

2016-06-11_701Sherman-10 2016-06-11_701Sherman-06

This project adds a significant amount of density to this area of Capitol Hill where surface parking lots are aplenty. Welcome to the neighborhood!

New Capitol Hill Project: Saint Francis Apartments at Cathedral Square

Today we have some exciting development news over in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. On Washington Street, between East 14th Avenue and Colfax, a permanent homeless housing project has broken ground. Not only does it eradicate a surface parking lot, it provides low income/homeless housing for the neighborhood. Here is a Google Earth aerial with the project site outlined.


As you can see from the aerial, this block has a lot of surface parking with only two retail buildings fronting Colfax Avenue. Google Street View shows us how much of a dead zone this area is.


This is a joint project between Saint John’s Cathedral and the Saint Francis Center, a non-profit that has been helping the Denver homeless since 1983. The building will rise six stories and provide 50 one-bedroom units that will be approximately 500 square feet each.

This project will also feature a parking podium on the first floor, and 2,600 square feet of community space on the second floor. No plans for ground floor retail have been mentioned. For the full application and details of this project head over here. There are a bunch of preliminary, small renderings on the Saint John’s Cathedral website and we have one very high resolution rendering to share with you today, courtesy of Fox 31 DenverHumphries Poli Architects is the project’s architect.


The construction time frame for this project is still unknown, but since it has broken ground we can expect 12-18 months until completion.

EDIT – 06/10/2016 10:20am

Here are two more renderings courtesy of Humphries Poli Architects.



Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Final Update

Another great looking project is now complete in Capitol Hill. MOTO (Middle of Town) apartments feature 64-units over a six-story building and two ground floor retail pads. We had a total of three posts on this project, which you can visit below:

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Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #2

MOTO brings some different designs to the table. It sits on two inclines: one along 8th Avenue and the other on Sherman Street, which gives the building a unique perspective when looking at it from the intersection. Along with that, the every-other-floor setbacks and dark paneling, much like its neighbor, bring a nice contrast to the surrounding buildings.

2016-04-01_Moto-01 2016-04-01_Moto-09

The four-stories of apartments sit on a two-story podium, which is used for parking and ground floor retail. Because of the sloping streets, the podium blank walls vary in elevation making them more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

2016-04-01_Moto-08 2016-04-01_Moto-03

Here is a good visual of the sloping podium along 8th Avenue. Can you tell which part of the picture is truly straight?


Let’s get in closer and walk around the project. MOTO brings a design that is fairly new to Capitol Hill; industrial, which we have seen all over the River North neighborhood. It’s a refreshing change to see this design around here.

2016-04-01_Moto-04 2016-04-01_Moto-07

The parking garage and ground floor retail frontage also have a very industrial look.

2016-04-01_Moto-06 2016-04-01_Moto-05

MOTO, at six-stories, adds some great height and density to this area of Capitol Hill, which is dominated by surface parking lots. It also brings a refreshing design, which we have never really seen in this neighborhood, and ground floor retail to help activate this intersection. What a great win for Capitol Hill!

Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #3

Let’s head on over to Capitol Hill and check on a fairly large residential project, 701 Sherman; a seven-story, 105-unit apartment building, developed by RedPeak. Since our last update in August, 701 Sherman has made a lot of progress and is nearing completion!

Designed by Craine Architecture, this project adds a different color scheme in an area consisting of mostly red and beige bricks. The dark brick and paneling, along with the significant height, make this building stand out around this slightly barren area of Capitol Hill.

2016-03-30_701Sherman-06 2016-03-30_701Sherman-01

On the first four floors, on a portion of the building, there is a beige brick accent instead of a white accent, like what we saw in the initial rendering.

2016-03-30_701Sherman-04 2016-03-30_701Sherman-05

Contrary to what we saw in the rendering, the dark theme is consistent throughout the project.. There is also a more defined setback along Lincoln Street.

2016-03-30_701Sherman-03 2016-03-30_701Sherman-02

701 Sherman is slated for completion around May of this year. Stay tuned for a final update around then!

New Capitol Hill Project: 7th and Grant Apartments

A new multifamily residential development is coming to Denver’s Capitol Hill district at the corner of East 7th Avenue and Grant Street. The eight-story building will contain 176 apartment units along with 213 vehicle parking spaces.

Here’s a Google Earth aerial showing the project location:


This new project—referred to for now as just “7th and Grant”—is being developed by Denver-based SmithJones Partners. The rendering below, courtesy of SmithJones, shows the proposed building looking southeast at the 7th and Grant corner. The one-story building behind on the left is the Trader Joe’s grocery store that opened in September 2014.


The 7th and Grant project is currently under development review with the city, so the project’s attributes and design are subject to change.

SmithJones Partners hopes to break ground on the project in early 2016.

Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #2

From an old office building, to dirt lot, to busy construction site, 701 Sherman is starting to rise! As a quick refresher, RedPeak is developing a 7-story, 105-unit apartment building in one of the least dense areas of Capitol Hill.

Since our last update, a tower crane has been installed on site and work on the third floor has begun. Here are two pictures of the project from last weekend.

2015-08-24_701Sherman-02 2015-08-24_701Sherman-01

Stay tuned as we visit more Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle projects this week!

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #2

Swinging back to Capitol Hill, let’s take a quick look at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Sherman Street where the MOTO Apartments have started to rise. To refresh your memory, this is a 64-unit apartment building rising a total of six-stories.

Here are some pictures of the progress! Most of the wood framing is complete along with the base. Within the next few weeks, we should start to see the unique facade go up. Head on over to our first update for a rendering of this project.

2015-04-19_Moto-02 2015-04-19_Moto-01

With Capitol Hill, as a whole, almost completely built out, there are still voids in its fabric scattered throughout the neighborhood as you get closer to Broadway. Luckily, this problem is starting to get rectified with projects such as this one! MOTO is expected to open within the next couple of months.

Capitol Hill: 701 Sherman Update #1

Back in August, we announced a new Capitol Hill project that was going to have a huge impact at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Sherman Street. At the time, we had no information on when the project was going to break ground, who was building it or who was managing it.

The size of the project, since our announcement, has remained the same; 8-stories, 105 apartment units. Today, we have some more information for you. First off, here is a new rendering courtesy of Craine Architecture. Managed by RedPeak, 701 Sherman…


…is now under-construction!


Head on over to our announcement post to see what was on the site before it was cleared. What exciting news for Capitol Hill!

Capitol Hill: MOTO Apartments Update #1

Last month, we posted an update on a project that was already underway and had very little information out about it. Recently, DenverInfill has obtained information on the MOTO Apartments, formally known as 820 Sherman, going up in Capitol Hill, thanks to the good folks at Gensler.

According to the press release, the MOTO (Middle of Town) Apartments will feature 64-units in a six-story building over 61 parking stalls and 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. Amenities include a specialized bike room, and upper deck containing a pool and community courtyard. Here is a rendering, courtesy of Gensler Architects.


Two tenants, Black Eye Coffee Shop and Proper Barber Shop, have already been announced to occupy the ground floor retail which is great news! Completion for this project is expected Spring 2015. For more information on the MOTO Apartments, including floor-plans, head on over to their website.