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Central Platte Valley: Parkside Apartments Update #1

Holland Partner Group recently broke ground on their Parkside Apartments project at the corner of 19th and Little Raven—the final site within the Riverfront Park neighborhood to be developed.



Infrastructure to support Riverfront Park got started in 1999 with work on Commons Park, Little Raven Street, and the Millennium Bridge, which was dedicated on April 22, 2002. The first three condo buildings clustered next to the Millennium Bridge opened around the same time as the bridge. With the final parcel now under development, the entire Riverfront Park Master Plan will be built out by 2018—a twenty-year time span. To learn more about the history of the Riverfront Park development, check out this ULI case study report.

Here’s one more image showing the Parkside Apartment’s construction fence with the Riverfront Green and Confluence projects under construction beyond.


Parkside Apartments will bring 161 new residences to Downtown Denver.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #13

The Confluence is quickly climbing onto the Denver skyline. The tower is now officially halfway up at 17 stories. For today’s post, we are going to look at the project from both a ground level and aerial point of view!

From various perspectives, such as Speer Boulevard and the Platte River, the Confluence already has a tall presence.

2016_07_17_Confluence-05 2016_07_17_Confluence-13

In our last update, we mentioned that the mixed glass and paneling started to go up. Present day, the glass curtain wall is starting to climb on the southeast side of the tower.

2016_07_17_Confluence-10 2016_07_17_Confluence-11

For quite some time, there were two tower cranes to help build the project; one for the low-rise structure and one for the tower. The tower crane for the low-rise structure has been taken down as it has recently topped out.

2016_07_17_Confluence-08 2016_07_17_Confluence-09

How about some aerials? Here are four different elevations of The Confluence. Here we can see the small footprint of this tower and how much of an impact it’s going to make when it doubles in height over the next few months.



17 stories down, 17 stories to go!

Summer 2016: Central Denver Tower Crane Census

Happy first day of Summer readers! Back by popular demand, we are going to start the week and season off with a tower crane census. There was a lot of crane action going on over the weekend so this will be a fun census. All of the tower crane photos, with the exception of one, were taken on Saturday for an accurate count; even though the count is going to be tricky.

This census is for tower cranes only. The self erecting cranes (cranes without a ladder mast or cab) on smaller builds are not counted.

Why tricky? Let’s start out with tower crane number zero. As I got down to the Union Station neighborhood, workers were taking down the crane at Union Tower West. As much as I would love to count this, this crane has been completely taken down.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-09 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-03

Let’s move the count in a positive direction. One and Two belong to Pivot.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-23 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-10

Three and Four are for 1709 Chestnut. The second tower crane for this project wasn’t up on Saturday but it should be complete today.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-05 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-08

Tower crane number Five belongs to the 16th and Wewatta Hotel and Office Complex.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-12 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-11

The Confluence offers tower cranes Six and Seven. As a bonus, they were jumping the south tower crane over the weekend.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-06 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-22

Number Eight belongs to 28th and Vallejo and, since this is a Central Denver census, Alexan West Highlands brings number Nine to the table.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-07 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-20

I forgot the memory card for my other camera before I went up to take this photo so here is number Ten, belonging to Modera River North, in cell-phone-picture fashion.


I said out loud, “No! What are you doing? I have a census to do…” as I saw what was going on at Dairy Block. A tower crane taking down another tower crane is not a sight we see everyday. Unfortunately, I can only count one for Dairy Block bringing the total up to Eleven.


Twelve and Thirteen, belonging to 999 17th Street, are nicely tucked away in Central Downtown.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-13 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-14

1144 Fifteenth claims number Fifteen with Le Meridien / AC bringing the number up to Sixteen. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see the south tower crane for The Confluence continuing to jump itself.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-15 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-17

Seventeen belongs to the rare luffing jib over at SkyHouse. I’m sure number Eighteen, at Alexan Uptown, will be taken down very soon.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-18 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-02

Number Nineteen is working hard at Eviva Cherokee with Twenty and Twenty-One helping build the twin 30-story Country Club Towers.

2016-06-19_TowerCranes-21 2016-06-19_TowerCranes-01

Last but not least, Twenty-Two stands tall above the Alexan Cherry Creek site. After a five hour tower-crane-spotting hike, I forgot to take a current picture of this one but trust me, it’s still there.


As I was editing these photos last night, my wife nicely told me that she spotted one for Tennyson Place in Berkeley last month. After reviewing her phone picture footage, that brings our final total to Twenty-Three. Sorry, I don’t have a current photo of this one.

That’s a lot of tower cranes and about the peak number we are going to see this year. Our previous census, back in 2013, featured ten tower cranes with around three up in Cherry Creek at the time. 2016 has significantly more construction activity as the boom keeps on rolling!

Central Platte Valley: AMLI Riverfront Green Update #1

Another infill development in Downtown Denver has moved from the “proposed” to the “under construction” category.

In the almost-built-out Riverfront Park area, construction recently started on AMLI’s Riverfront Green project at 18th and Little Raven. Riverfront Green will add 304 residential units in a seven-story building that steps down to four stories along Little Raven. Click here for our first post on this development back in July 2015.

Before we get to the construction photos, we happen to have brand new renderings of Riverfront Green, thanks to John from Studio PBA and Andy from AMLI.

View from Little Raven and Bassett Street:


Corner of 18th and Bassett:


Construction just got started, so the project is still early in the hole-in-the-ground stage.

View from Bassett Street:


View from 18th and Little Raven:


We will swing by Riverfront Green in the fall to check in on the construction progress.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #12

A couple weeks ago, we posted an update on the 34-story Confluence project stating that it was starting to make an impact in both the neighborhood and skyline. Even though not much has changed as far as the height is concerned, today we are going to take a more in depth look at this project.

As we know, the tower is now up 11 stories with the low-rise, along Little Raven Street, up four stories with one more to go.

2016-05-30_Confluence-07 2016-05-30_Confluence-08

This tower is going to have a huge impact at both Confluence Park and along 15th Street. Given the slender footprint of the tower, it will be a good addition to the park and nearby neighborhoods without being too overbearing.

2016-05-30_Confluence-06 2016-05-30_Confluence-05

Here is the main reason why we are updating this project after such a short amount of time. The facade is starting to go up! If you look closely at the rendering, there are a lot of elements at play; from a glass curtain wall to paneling with glass mixed in-between.

2016-05-30_Confluence-03 2016-05-30_Confluence-02

The side of the tower facing downtown will primarily have a mixed paneling and glass facade but will also feature a sharp edge.


As a bonus, here is a great photo of The Confluence thanks to Ken! With a lot of the new projects going in, we all seem to expect wide, long buildings. This photo shows the opposite; a smaller, more slender tower.


The Confluence has 23 stories to go which translates to a topping out around the end of the year. This will be an exciting one to watch!

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #11

The Confluence, a 34-story, 288-unit apartment project, is quickly going up! After almost a year and a half of underground work, the tower is starting to rise above everything in the Central Platte Valley.

Even though this isn’t going to be an in depth update, these two pictures tell the tale. The low-rise building, at the intersection of 15th and Little Raven Street, is currently up three stories with two more to go. The main high-rise building is up eight stories with 26 more to go; approximately three times taller than what you see below . This is going to be one tall project!

2016-05-19_Confluence-02 2016-05-19_Confluence-01

When we swing around to visit The Confluence again, we will start to see what kind of impact the 34-story tower will have on the Denver skyline.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #10

The 34-story Confluence tower is now out of the ground! You heard that right! Construction commenced back in late 2014 and, as you can imagine, there is a lot of underground work to be done for a 34-story tower with structured parking that’s going up right along a park, next to a river.

Let’s get right to it. You see that concrete structure peeking out at the back of the site? That’s the main structure for the 34-story tower. The 6-story building, which will front 15th Street, is not out of the ground yet.

2016-02-21_TheConfluence-06 2016-02-21_TheConfluence-05

Taking a closer look at both the front and back of the site, we can clearly see that the foundation has gone in, the underground parking is almost topped off, and the main buildings are starting to rise.

2016-02-21_TheConfluence-04 2016-02-21_TheConfluence-02

Here we can see how close this tower is going to be to the river.


All of these close in photos give us a good idea of how far along construction is but what about the big picture showing the impact this tower is going to have? I have two photos showing that. Here is a ground level photo, looking at The Confluence, from 16th and Little Raven Street. In about a year’s time, you will see a 371-foot tower filling in this view.


From the sky, The Confluence will add a substantial amount of height to the Central Platte Valley skyline. Take the DaVita World Headquarters (blue glass building on the right), and add 10 more floors. That will roughly be the height of this tower.

Make sure you click the picture below so you can see high resolution version. In the center of the photo you will see the two white tower cranes for this project.


When finished, The Confluence will add 288 apartment units to the Central Platte Valley.

New Central Platte Valley Project: Parkside Apartments

Holland Partner Group continues their investment spree in Downtown Denver. The Vancouver, Washington-based development firm’s current project under construction, Pivot (formerly 17W), is making good progress, and they recently opened Platform next to the historic Denver Union Station. Line 28 in Lower Highland was the company’s first Denver project.

For their next project, Holland will be developing the last site in Riverfront Park. There are only two remaining undeveloped parcels in Riverfront Park. AMLI recently announced Riverfront Green for the triangle-shaped parcel at 18th and Little Raven, which leaves one site left at 19th and Little Raven for Holland’s latest development, Parkside Apartments. Here’s the site:


Parkside Apartments will consist of 161 units in two buildings: a 7-story structure in the back of the parcel and a 4-story structure along Little Raven. Two levels of underground parking below the site will accommodate 172 vehicles, and a landscaped courtyard provides outdoor amenity space between the two buildings. Here are a few renderings from the project’s application to the Denver planning office. Please note: these are preliminary design concepts and are subject to further modifications and refinement. The project architect is Studio PBA and landscape architect is studioINSITE.

Context view looking south. The grassy area in the foreground is the Denver Skatepark.


Site plan:


View of the 19th and Little Raven corner:


View along Little Raven next to the Brownstones:


We will do an update post as the design is finalized and when a construction schedule is available.

Central Platte Valley: The Confluence Update #9

It takes a while to dig a hole 30 feet deep covering an area the size of a football field. But the workers at The Confluence site have been going at it hard for about six months and they are almost finished excavating the whole site and installing the shoring walls. The 34-story apartment tower will have three levels of underground parking that covers the entire property. The building footprint, however, will cover only about half of the site with the rest as landscaped grounds that will tie in nicely with neighboring Confluence Park. Let’s take a look!

Here’s the side closest to Cherry Creek where support columns for the next level up are already being installed:


At the other end along 15th Street, the excavation is nearly complete:


How about one shot that takes in the whole site? You got it! Click to expandicate:


What’s this? Two tower cranes? Yes indeed; the second tower crane went up a few days ago!



We’ll check in again at The Confluence in a few months when the tower starts to rise above street level.